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CHIhost will handle building the server, installing the operating system, and configuring the system software. CHIhost will also maintain all hardware, and monitor your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

All Dedicated Servers Include                        
-99.9% Uptime
-Extreme Support
-Premium Bandwidth Providers
(Level 3, Global Crossing,
Internap, Verizon and more!)
-Dual Redundant OC-192 Feeds
-100Mbps Uplink Speed
-Free Security Upgrades***
-Premium Server Hardware
-Custom Servers Available
-Level 1 Data Center
-Two Tier Backup Power
-Remote Backups*
-Offsite Backups*
-Same Day Setup**

CHIhost offers 2 special Unix / Apache OS managed dedicated server hosting solutions:

Special 1 Special 2
Intel Quad Core Xeon
Dual Intel Xeon Six Core
4096 MB DDR2 ECC
16384 MB DDR2 ECC
500 GB SATA x 2
1000 GB SATA x 3 w/RAID
1200 GB Traffic/mo
2000 GB Traffic/mo
cPanel PRO
cPanel PRO
5 IPs
10 IPs
RAID Optional
Hardware RAID
$269.95/mo $699.95/mo
Custom solutions available, everything from extra ram, to load balanced servers, to Windows servers, call us with your requirements for a quote.
1-800-955-2841 1-800-955-2841
*Up to 50GB, please keep a backup at your location as well.
**If ordered by 12pm, subject to availability.
***Upon Request, upgrades limited to basic OS and related software

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